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Since over 50% of pets are overweight, we are instituting a new program to help pet owners with this growing problem.

INCLUDES:  Weight evaluation with technician. This involves taking measurements and going over your pet's eating and exercise history and health history. Once the information is evaluated, a personalized plan for weight loss will be formulated for your pet.

COST: Right now we are offering the initial evaluation for FREE! The evaluation visits normally cost $20 per visit, and we recommend once monthly for 6 months to get things going. If you purchase the entire 6 months we will reduce the price to $15 per visit and for now the initial is free.

FOOD: We have diet foods including Science Diet's new Metabolic Diet that help with the weight loss program.

APPOINTMENT: Click the button on the right for an appointment. NOTE: This appointment is with a technician or veterinary assistant rather than with a veterinarian. If you would like to have a veterinarian see your pet that can be arranged as well, but will be our regular exam fee.