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posted: August 13, 2012 by: AVC Tags:

As with any surgery requiring general anesthesia, certain risks may result in serious complications or even death.  To minimize such risks, we offer the following diagnostic and therapeutic options:

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork
Benefit: To check proper organ functions, oxygen carrying ability of blood, ability to fight infection, platelets for proper clotting, and to establish a baseline for future reference.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Safety Screening
Recommended (or Required) For: Pets Over 7 Years of Age
Benefit: Same as above, but includes more extensive blood testing.

IV Catheter and Fluid Therapy
Benefit: Maintain blood pressure, replace blood loss, speed recovery, administer life-saving drug in case of an emergency.

Additional Pain Management
Benefit: More comfortable and faster recovery

Fluoride Treatment
Benefit: Helps strengthen tooth enamel, prevents decay, stimulates demineralization, desensitizes exposed enamel.

Laser Surgery
Benefit: Less bleeding, swelling and pain.