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Drop-Off Wellness Appointments in Branson West, MO

We understand that juggling busy schedules and appointments can be challenging. That’s why we offer our pet drop-off services designed for your convenience and your pet’s well-being.

Drop-Off Appointments

These appointments allow pet owners to schedule their pets’ routine wellness exams at a time that suits their busy schedules. Instead of waiting for an in-person consultation, you can simply drop off your furry companions at Allphin Vet, ensuring their pets receive the necessary care while minimizing the disruption to their daily routines.

What’s the process?

We’ll schedule your pet’s appointment as usual. Upon arrival, you’ll meet with one of our skilled technicians to go over the details, review, and sign the consent form. Our experienced veterinarians will conduct a thorough examination and administer any necessary vaccines during your pet’s stay with us. A technician will call you if the doctor has any questions or finds anything abnormal on the exam, so please be sure to keep your phone close. Pickup is at 4 PM.

Requirements for drop-off appointments

1. Your pet must have been seen by one of our doctors in the past
2. There must be NO concerns about your pet (exam and vaccines only)
3. You must be available by phone should we need to contact you with any questions or abnormal findings during the pet’s exam.